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Passed the Mystery Shopper Test


In early 2021 my phone rang and on the other end was a person who claimed her sister needed a bankruptcy.  We had a nice talk about this "sister" and I suggested that she should contact me to set up a time to do a free telephone consultation.  The person said she'd have her sister contact me by email.  After I got off the phone I received the following both by text and by email:


"Kelly Law Office is currently published in our article of the Best Bankruptpcy Attorneys in Plymouth.  As part of our ongoing evaluation process, we make surprise "Mystery Shopper" calls to ensure our listed providers are of the highest quality.  I recently completed one such call: congratulations on passing!  Ava Lopez spoke to the Dave, he answered the call promptly and was very polite.  He said that the initial consultation (by phone) is free and tax, income, and debt info is needed.  He gave me a brief overview of the process of filing."


So the caller was a "mystery shopper" or in other words a spy.  I don't think I like the fake call tactic, but I'm glad I passed. They have since named me as one of the top bankruptcy lawyers in St. Paul and Minneapolis as well.  Now I get to display these badges which say I'm a top bankruptcy lawyer serving St. Paul, Minneapolis and Plymouth. 

Here are a couple of my favorite reviews:


Google review that warms my heart:


"Honestly, I don't even know where to start with my review because there were so many incredible things about my experience with David Kelly. He came into my life during an extremely stressful time and managed to make me feel 90% better almost immediately. He is wicked smart, extremely knowledgeable, amazingly organized, super responsive and obviously cares immensely about his clients. I never once felt judged or looked down upon for the situation I was in. My bankruptcy period is almost complete and I can honestly say I'm going to miss Mr. Kelly. He has been a ray of sunshine in my life over the past five years and makes me smile every time we talk. If you are reading this and looking for a bankruptcy attorney that is affordable, likable, caring, trust-worthy, thoughtful, has your best interest in mind, knows the system, is well-regarded in the industry, not caught up in large firm politics, and just an all-around amazing person and attorney, you need to hire David. You will NOT be disappointed. It's the best thing I ever did!"


Really like this one too, posted on AVVO:


"Filing bankruptcy was not easy for me. I felt like a failure, even under circumstances that were beyond my control. Dave Kelly put me at ease on my first visit and i knew then that everything would be ok! He was very knowledgeable, patient and understanding regarding my situation. He spent a lot of time with me in order to get all the things needed to proceed. He always followed up with me and if he wasn’t available to answer a phone call he would always return my calls immediately. Very appreciate of him. I actually picked him out of the yellow pages as I didn’t know any attorneys. I knew I got lucky on selecting him! I would highly recommend him! Thank you so much for your help!! Thank you so much Dave!!"


Reviews and Ratings Around the Web


I've given up trying to reproduce a more complete sampling of the reviews, ratings and testimonials people have posted about me. There's getting to be too many to keep up with.  I invite you to check out the following for yourself :


Google - obviously the most prominent source for reviews on the internet. 


Martindale-Hubbell - the nation's oldest and most respected lawyer directory. - lots of good reviews here, but watch out for the ads.


Better Business Bureau - a high rating here just means no complaints.


Expertise - selected as one of the top 8 bankruptcy lawyers in Plymouth, MN; out of a total of 34 that they ranked.  They actually had a fake client call me with a bunch of quesitons to see how I was to work with, and then rated me A+.  Recently they also put me on their lists as one of the best bankruptcy lawyers serving St. Paul and one of the best bankruptcy lawyers serving Minneapolis.


A large number of the reviews people have posted about me on Google seem to have disappeared.  I believe this is because Google will disable your account if you don't use it for a year or so.  So if you have posted a review on Google, please use your gmail account from time to time so they don't delete you.  That gmail address should be handy to have even if you only use it from time to time.


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Across I-394 from Ridgedale. Serving Minneapolis St. Paul area with easy access from western suburbs including Minnetonka, St. Louis Park, Golden Valley, Hopkins, Plymouth.  Also available by appointment only at 8421 Wayzata Blvd., second floor, St. Louis Park, MN 55426. 


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