Big Meeting Tonight

The state bar association bankruptcy section is meeting tonight. The topic will be lien stripping.

Judging just from the announcements concerning tonight’s meeting, a bit of controversy seems to be brewing. At first the topic was announced as how to lien strip or words to that effect. Then the topic was changed to something like “a discussion of the pros and cons of lien stripping.”

I believe that sooner or later the process of lien stripping will be commonplace in Minnesota. Right now the procedure still seems a bit unsettled. I’ll have more to say after tonight. Perhaps my opinion will change. I would probably be willing to try it if I had the right case.

2 Replies to “Big Meeting Tonight”

  1. The oral arguments on the Fisette case will take place at the federal courthouse in St. Paul on May 15th. I indend to be there.

    I just told someone on the phone a day or two ago that I thought their case sounded like something I would like to accept and try to do a lien strip on. The second mortgage sounded to me that it was begging to be stripped. Those people have not yet come in, however.

    The trouble is that by the time I am done expaining all the possible problems, it is easy to be discouraged.

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