Launching New Website Soon

If you have been having trouble finding my website, please know that I am still here.  The site at suddenly became less visible when Google changed it’s algorithm
about two weeks ago.

I’ve always done the site on my own, but maybe that was a mistake.  I constantly tell people to seek professional advice, and I guess it’s time for me to do that.  Gosh I hate to.  I suppose that’s how people feel when they decide they need to call me. 

Long story short, last week I hired a web site design person who is now in the process of reworking my entire site.  When he analyzed the site as it stands now he found over 40 code errors.  We are hoping to have the newly designed site launched within a couple of more weeks. 

On the new site the information you are looking for will probably be easier to find.  So keep an eye out for the changes.

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