Questionable Police Incident in or near Chaska

I got a call a few hours ago about an incident at a high school prom in the Chaska, MN area. If what was described to me is true – and I always recognize that it might not be – there was an incident in or near Chaska this past weekend where the police just decided to throw the constitution out the window.

A limo load of prom attendees were supposedly met when they got out of the limo by a number of police officers with portable breath testers and asked to take breath tests on the spot. The last I checked, police officers were required to have probable cause to believe that a crime had been committed before they can detain someone and start collecting evidence. The only reason the police had, as far as I know, was that these young people were on their way to a prom. That’s no kind of probable cause I ever heard of.

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