DWI and Canada Border Update

Since my first entry on this subject, I have noticed that the Star Tribune did an item about this on New Years Eve. Most of the article was not news to me, except for one thing: there was mention of a person who had a DWI reduced to careless who had trouble getting across the border. This surprised me because my earlier research on the subject seemed to indicate that as long as the driving offense was not a DWI, there would be no problem.

So I spent some additional time reading Canadian government web sites about this, but I will confess to still not knowing for sure exactly what they would be up to concerning someone who got the charge reduced to careless. What I saw was a statement indicating that a person who had a conviction of “dangerous driving” would have trouble crossing the border. How that translates into Minnesotan seems to me to be a bit questionable.

For now I would continue to suggest that having a careless would still be much better than having a straight DWI; but I would now caution anyone with either a careless or a DWI to consult with Border Crossing Services, that Winnipeg-based outfit, well in advance of any planned trip to Canada.

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