My Ten Seconds (or less) of Fame

My wife Karen, our two dogs Ben and Jerry and I went camping this past weekend at Jay Cooke State Park just south of Duluth. We were minding our own business Saturday morning. I was drinking coffee and having some Cheerios. Ben and Jerry had taken up residence on Karen’s lap. Then along came a crew from WDIO TV Channel 10 in Duluth.

They were interviewing folks on the subject of the impending state park shutdown – a side effect of the impending state government shutdown. The story was their lead story on the 10 pm news that night. The video is posted at the WDIO web site. The TV guys spent several hours at the park that day, but the story is edited down to two minutes.

Here’s a link to the video if you would like to watch


  1. sjackson says:

    Good for you :), I also had something like that , but they never showed the material…
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  2. Opinioneer says:

    Well, it's not the standard 15mins, but still, you got to be seen on TV!


  3. Removal says:

    Ten seconds of fame are just enough.You have had a great experience.

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  4. Tony from home says:

    At least it's a moment of glory you'd cherish as a lifetime memory!


  5. Richard London says:

    Everyone is happy to have some seconds fame.A lifetime memory.

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  6. Rick Gone says:

    As long as you don't get obsessed with fame too much, it's a good thing!
    R. Gone

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